Modernism Week 2015

On Saturday, February 14th, yes Valentine’s Day, I accompanied designers Michel Dory and Allan DallaTorre of Hinge Decor on an excursion to Palm Springs for Modernism Week!


We met at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter to register and start the Meiselman Home Tour 2015 benefitting the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. The shelter was in a beautiful location. The animal residents had a view that people would pay a lot of money to have.


MW2015-30Meiselman houses feature large walls of glass that overlook the pool and the beautiful mountain backdrops in Palm Springs. Most Meiselman homes also included central heating and air conditioning, a new concept at the time they were built in 1959, which allowed residents year round enjoyment of their Palm Springs vacation homes. Source: MidCentury Palm Springs

We got started a little late but we were able to see most of the houses on the 10-house tour and as a bonus we got to checkout an open house across the street from one of the homes. DesertFIAT was one of the tour sponsors. So each house featured a Fiat parked in front or in the garage.

MWED2015-14Then there was this party; let me tell you. It was special. The Egg & Dart house was a wonderful experience. At the party there were two outside bars, fire pit, music and shirtless Chippendale-like waiters carrying the snacks.

House 1 GalleryHouse 2 GalleryHouse 3 Gallery

House 4 GalleryHouse 5 GalleryHouse 7 Gallery

Open House GalleryAnimal Shelter Gallery