School of Light – Street Photography

SOL-SEP15-1School of Light (SOL)

Yesterday I attended a workshop at the School of Light – Street Photography.  We met at The Reef (LA Mart to some) and the group of 5 attendees, an assistant and the instructor (Andrew) were introduced to each other. Out of the 5 attendees, two were shooting with film and I believe one is attending the Black & White Film Photography class at SOL. The rest of us were shooting with DSLRs.

After a briefing defining Street Photography with a powerpoint for visuals, we headed out to the streets. Hahaha… Parking around the L.A. Public Library, we were separated into two groups and shortly after that released into the wild of downtown to find those elusive photos.

SOL-SEP15-26I went West on 5th to Flower then North on Flower. This lead up to the back of The Broad and the Disney Concert Hall. From there, over to the DWP building and through Grand Park. I took a couple of nice reflection shots in both areas.

South on Grand and zig zagging over to Main, I walked around getting shots where I could. If I were younger and had the time, I wanted to go down Flower. I see some interesting buildings and tagging while I ride the Expo Line.

SOL-SEP15-44We were to meet back up at 6 pm, but around 5 I was walking on empty. Luckily I use to work in the area and headed over to Flower. Ah yes, Public School, “where everybody knows my name…”. Sorry. If you need to know the pun, email me. Hahaha..

Taking in some fluids and a snacky with about a half hour of rest, I headed back to the meeting place.

Back at SOL, we were asked to provide Andrew with what we thought were our 5 best photos. Well, we will see how I did. I am more comfortable taking photos of inanimate objects and people I know. But we will see.


Do not despair though, the School of Light will be having another workshop that I will be in my element. October 17th – Architectural Photography!!!! Yes!!! Stay tune for that post…

Please check out the School of Light and their courses and workshops. Attentive, knowledgeable instructor. Easy to talk to and experienced.

SOL – Street Photography Gallery