Sheats-Goldstein Residence

(Excerpt from the AWA+D events page…)

SGH-27“Join us for a private AWA+D only tour of Lautner’s 1963 masterpiece: the Sheats-Goldstein residence.  Located on the slopes above Beverly Hills, this Angelino gem has been the host of films, celebrity guests and scores of admiring architectural professionals and enthusiasts.  Current occupant James Goldstein purchased the home in 1972 and spent years restoring the home with Lautner himself.  He has been working for over 10 years with Lautner protege, Duncan Nicholson, on an addition that includes a guest house, tennis court, nightclub and terrace.  Staying true to Lautner’s original aesthetic, all components of the addition make use of poured-in-place concrete, angular corners and stunning views of Los Angeles.   If you’ve never been, this is a MUST SEE LA architectural landmark; and if you have been before, undoubtedly you will leap at the chance to experience the enchantment for a second time.”

SGH-8This was a great tour. Great house. Great views. Thank you to the folks at AWA+D.

Sheats-Goldstein Gallery

Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Boats


We planned a sunset excursion to Marina Del Rey to see what kind of photos we could get. Here are some of them. Since I am still learning, I will have to come back before noon. That should give me better light. Trial and error.

The big plus to just going out and walking around, we found the Marina Del Rey Hotel. Nested in between two waterways at the end was this beautiful hotel with wonderful views from all sides. They are about 2 months from the completion of their renovations.

Marina Del Rey Hotel Sign
We went inside and the lobby was very nice with a blue sea and sandy beach design. The walls have a beach design that was vertical and seagulls flying into the lobby through the front door. Michel spoke to one of the designer, hopefully they will consent to a design tour.

Unfortunately the bar and restaurant was not open at the time, sounds to me that another visit is in order.

Marina Del Rey Gallery