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LA Design Festival – City Tour – Inglewood

Los Angeles Design Festival – On this beautiful Saturday Michel and I joined the people on the City Tour of Inglewood hosted by Los Angeles Design Festival. Four stops that starting with fer Studio architects, then over to the Schindler House, Onna Ehrlich and Three Weav3rs.

One of the things a like about some businesses in LA, they do not have to reside in the so call 5th avenue address to be successful. fer Studio is in an ally. Not like that, look at the pictures; this is a very nice back street. The street itself provided a sense of creativity. With one of their interior walls being the sliding garage door, it opened to allow the sun and fresh air into their studio. I loved it.

They are also quite involved in a number of projects in and around Los Angeles. There is a model up on the wall of their thoughts of how Inglewood could look. Amazing stuff.

The Schindler House was my kind of place, simple, minimal and airy. One bedroom, a studio blah blah, but of course it is how it is put together and a vinyl collection to die for. Michel says that it is not quite modernism, but it reminded me of the homes in Palm Springs participating in the modernism tour, a lot of white to bring light into the house.

The backyard has converted so that about half is now a drought-sensitive garden, beautifully done.

Onna Ehrlich, what can I say. I realized that I was in trouble as soon as I saw the lady handbags displayed on the wall. This converted warehouse was nicely open and designed to influence creativity while providing an environment to manufacture the handbags in comfort.

Sale, who said sale! There is was previewing my photos on my camera when she came around the corner with a pink handbag on her arm. They got me, lure them in and spring the sale on them. Michel, along with some other very happy ladies, purchased an original bag. Thanks Onna. LOL.

Now here we go, Three Weav3ers. Finally beer and food! This is the place! We got two flights, samples of 5 different kinds of beer (10 total-2 flights)…AND THEY HAD PARTY GAMES!!!! Sorry, Jinga, Uno, and this lovely group let me play, Heads Up. An app where it shows you answer and you have to get the person holding the phone to guess the word/title.

Three Weav3rs - photo by mdorydesigns

photo by mdorydesigns


Then there are the chefs. Outfitting in protective facemasks, torches and goggles. With these square donut-like breads that in some order require using the foam injectors, while the other chef breaks out the torch and cooks the sliced meats and topping of the order. Best presentation ever.


All host were very hospitable and welcoming. If they represent the businesses in Inglewood, this city will be on the move up. With the help of the Metro coming through, we anticipate popular growth for the city of Inglewood.

fer Studio Gallery

Schindler House Gallery

Onna Ehrlich Gallery

Three Weav3rs Gallery*

*taken with smartphone

Sheats-Goldstein Residence

(Excerpt from the AWA+D events page…)

SGH-27“Join us for a private AWA+D only tour of Lautner’s 1963 masterpiece: the Sheats-Goldstein residence.  Located on the slopes above Beverly Hills, this Angelino gem has been the host of films, celebrity guests and scores of admiring architectural professionals and enthusiasts.  Current occupant James Goldstein purchased the home in 1972 and spent years restoring the home with Lautner himself.  He has been working for over 10 years with Lautner protege, Duncan Nicholson, on an addition that includes a guest house, tennis court, nightclub and terrace.  Staying true to Lautner’s original aesthetic, all components of the addition make use of poured-in-place concrete, angular corners and stunning views of Los Angeles.   If you’ve never been, this is a MUST SEE LA architectural landmark; and if you have been before, undoubtedly you will leap at the chance to experience the enchantment for a second time.”

SGH-8This was a great tour. Great house. Great views. Thank you to the folks at AWA+D.

Sheats-Goldstein Gallery

Modernism Week 2015

On Saturday, February 14th, yes Valentine’s Day, I accompanied designers Michel Dory and Allan DallaTorre of Hinge Decor on an excursion to Palm Springs for Modernism Week!


We met at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter to register and start the Meiselman Home Tour 2015 benefitting the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. The shelter was in a beautiful location. The animal residents had a view that people would pay a lot of money to have.


MW2015-30Meiselman houses feature large walls of glass that overlook the pool and the beautiful mountain backdrops in Palm Springs. Most Meiselman homes also included central heating and air conditioning, a new concept at the time they were built in 1959, which allowed residents year round enjoyment of their Palm Springs vacation homes. Source: MidCentury Palm Springs

We got started a little late but we were able to see most of the houses on the 10-house tour and as a bonus we got to checkout an open house across the street from one of the homes. DesertFIAT was one of the tour sponsors. So each house featured a Fiat parked in front or in the garage.

MWED2015-14Then there was this party; let me tell you. It was special. The Egg & Dart house was a wonderful experience. At the party there were two outside bars, fire pit, music and shirtless Chippendale-like waiters carrying the snacks.

House 1 GalleryHouse 2 GalleryHouse 3 Gallery

House 4 GalleryHouse 5 GalleryHouse 7 Gallery

Open House GalleryAnimal Shelter Gallery