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Apt 1B is the apartment I grew up in, back in New York City. I remember taking pictures with a Polaroid Swinger and later taking a class using a SLR camera. Completing the class I found a creative substitute in building model planes, motorcycles, vans and cars. Building and painting them the way I wanted them to look. I won a science fair with a three-foot model of the Apollo XI rocket with detachable stages, command module and lunar landing module. Amazing what you remember.

Automotive design was my next interest. Back then, each car design was created so that their cars would be unique rom any other car. You could tell the make and model of cars from their individual designs.
After some time away from any design, a friend introduced me to computer typesetting. Then learning and earning a living creating pages and graphics for magazines, catalogs and other printed materials.
From desktop publishing, I found that creating websites was similar to building page layouts. But all of this took a hiatus for a number of years, until recently, most of my attempts at design became needed again.

I started back to building websites with my wife’s site MichelDory.com, then my sites Apt1B.com and Mooreville.us. I have also created a couple of sites for non-profit organizations. With the legal issues of owning the photos on your website, I started taking pictures again now with a DSLR camera.
While Mooreville is my personal site, Apt1B is mostly for interior and architectural design photography. With an emphasis on design, other elements of design may also be represented on the site.

Based in Los Angeles, I look forward to taking photos for Realtors, Architects and Interior Designers.

Van T. Moore
Van Moore Photography